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Rabbi Natanel Greenwald - or Rabbi G - grew up in Monsey, NY. He studied in the Mir Yeshiva in Israel focusing on Talmudic studies and Jewish philosophy. He continued his studies in Silver Spring, MD where he met Tehilah. After they got married, they moved back to Israel where he received his Rabbinical Ordination from Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz of the Jerusalem Kollel.

During his free time, he enjoys hiking, playing guitar and a fresh cup of coffee, and most of all, he always makes time for Jewish questions and discussion.

Tehilah (née Miller) comes from an NCSY home that is dedicated to welcoming Jews from all walks of life. She was born in London, England, and then moved to Boston, Massachusetts. She attended Tomer Devorah Seminary in Jerusalem before working as a counselor on the Neve Jerusalem campus. She received her Teacher’s Certificate in Jewish education, and is a certified hair stylist.

Rabbi G and Tehilah are blessed with three beautiful girls; Chana, Chaviva, and Dena.

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Meeting with Rabbi Greenwald is just one click away!  Whether it's to talk, to study or just for coffee, Rabbi Greenwald is looking forward to getting together with you.

You can reach him here at

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